Living and working with Sealord at sea is an adventurous way of life, shared with others like you who have “Kiwi grit.”

Giving you flexibility, you are on a vessel for two to six weeks, working eight-hour on and eight-hour off rotation shifts (on most of the vessels), and then you have time off when you are onshore again for two to six weeks for the crew rotation.

Nelson is our main port and Air New Zealand gives Sealord crew special fares to get there and back, from anywhere in New Zealand.

Giving you a reliable income. As part of our crew, you get paid for the whole year, even for the time when you are onshore enjoying what interests you. There is also the option to earn extra money by working additional trips.

While you are at sea, you earn and save money at the same time, because we provide you with tasty chef-prepared meals, and free off-shift activities, like Sky TV, WiFi, and on the larger vessels, exercise equipment and cabin TVs. Many people have saved money for a house quickly while working at sea. As well as relaxing in the mess lounge, you can head to your cabin after a shift. Cabins sleep four people on different shifts so not everyone is there at the same time.

You can also start your career with us by completing an apprenticeship in Deep Sea Fishing.  Apprenticeships allow you to earn money in the workforce while also studying in the same area to develop and improve your skills.